Where Are You Going Next? : Why I Use Astro Travel Charts to Decide

Where Are You Going Next? : Why I Use Astro Travel Charts to Decide

Honestly, the best thing about being a black wanderer is there are no expectations of where to live or who to be.

I wasn’t born in a place anyone in my family called home. It was the next military base we lived on for 15-24 months before moving again.

Growing up knowing change is the norm gave me a sense of expectations were all up to me.

As a kid, each time I entered a new classroom and found my place among the pack I created the new me. I learned humor got me through most stress-inducing situations and I used it as a shield.

Fast forward 50 years later, I look for the humor in the world when I travel. Is there laughter heard on the streets? Are people in love? In full infatuation mode-locked in each other’s embrace, hand-holding or kissing? What is the energetic flow of day to day life there? Is it easy to survive, thrive, succeed?

I’ve spent brief times in war-torn countries. Often three generations later you can feel the grief and morose of the community. Financial abuse, war, murder, and rape of entire generations scars us, humans. I can look at my passport home for the same abuses. But it fuels the reason why I left. Not easy to shake off dark places. But moving as often as I have has taught me there are places where people live longer, happier and in peace.

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As a wanderer, if I want to meet people, it’s up to me to make the introductions. I signal friend or foe by throwing the first smile since, after all, I'm the new kid on the block. I know that my real life existence in their world becomes a confirmed or busted stereotype.

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Thank goodness for the brothers and sisters that have shared their ‘Black in China’ videos. That's enough to make you think twice if you have social anxiety issues.

It holds a responsibility to be true to me and represent myself in the storyline I want to create. We brand ourselves every time we buy clothes, jewelry, makeup, shoes. We knew this in high school, we labeled people by their activities and dress, (jocks, divas, emo’s) and we still do it today.

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Old school

Now I’m in Vilcabamba, Ecuador in South America. Ecuadorians tell me, ‘you found the Best’. I love the obvious pride when they speak of their country. And have made 3 new Ecuadorian friends based on their goal to show me the best of their home. Each one has been to America but never want to live there.

Why Ecuador? I started country shopping again when Thailand’s immigration and high pesticide use made it a NO-GO country. I've done the ‘try it before you buy into it trips’, which don't work for me. I’m a jump in with both feet kinds gal. Yet I have learned more by asking questions from expat online groups. Their experiences helped but I had unanswered questions that Facebook couldn’t answer. What would I do different there? Will I find my next relationship there? Can this community help my spiritual growth? Good due diligence is about asking the right questions.
As humans, we understand we had consciousness before we were born and we have it after we die. We choose when to be born and Western Astrology shows us why we picked that time. When I understood these tools existed, I needed to learn more. One of my first fetishes is learning about human intelligence, experience, and capacity.

However, there are over 40 different astrological systems on the planet. I’m only on 5: Mayan Astrology, Taoist (Chinese) Astrology, Human Design ( a combo of 6 systems) and Face Reading. My goal is not to learn them all but to understand what information is useful to me from them. Astrology shouldn’t be so much about the ‘WOW I didn’t know that’ moments but the ‘Aha’ of yes that makes sense. An acceptance of self is the first gift you should give to yourself. You level up your success by understanding how to best be you.

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Like getting help in those decisions and saving money on flights. I started using the Astrology Travel Charts to look at my relationship to locations. I eliminated Jamaica when I read: “Discovering your partner becomes the central theme in your life". That steered me away from all the beautiful, black, buff brothers distracting me on the beach. I got a book to finish first, then I'm heading to the beach. Getting my groove back is definitely on my list.

When you know better you do better.
— Maya Angelou

As a wandering I choose. My expectations are up to me. My responsibility is to me. And I work hard to make the best decisions for myself by having all the information I can use to make wiser choices. At my age, it’s about time I do. And then I can party like it’s 1999.

Remember the planet upon whose surface we live on is a living, breathing, conscious being. Older and wiser, it would behoove you to learn her language and listen. She left you maps.

Namaste ya'll,

Phyllis Rawley

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