Making a Living Abroad with Lupus and My Laptop

Making a Living Abroad with Lupus and My Laptop

When I got my diagnosis of lupus in 2016, I promise, I was devastated. I was told I could no longer work in the traditional sense. Initially, this sounds AH-MAZING! How many people are pushing for retirement or love to answer those questions like…

What’s your answer to this, I’d love to know. We think that no longer working will give us some sort of fulfillment but our culture is one where what you do is something that is often asked and we don’t really realize how important it makes us feel until we are no longer able to do it. Even people who are retired will happily tell you what they retired from.

Since leaving a career that I loved (most people hate what they do but I was the opposite) I felt so lost and confused. I had no clue what I should do next. Most people assumed that because I was no longer working that some sort of assistance just showed up, but magically that did not happen. So basically, I was handed a long-term illness with no insurance, no paycheck and what felt like no hope of ever feeling like a human again.


I went from a “normal life” to one of hospital beds. I average 4 stays a year, too bad they don’t allow you to rack up air miles or something useful. If you are new to me, no matter what is going on, I am almost always smiling because I’m a freak of nature and just believe that happiness is a choice.

My last hospital stay October 2018

Figuring out how to still pay my bills and now my new medical bills was a major source of stress for me. I had to figure out how to eat, cover my regular bills and my medical care.

My business went through quite a few iterations not because I didn’t know what I was doing but because I was really just unsure of how I felt about what I was doing. I loved the career I had, I am a weirdo that not only thinks happiness is a choice but I also believe that we should do work we are passionate about. I had no clue what else I was passionate about. I’ve always been one who would do my best to help in whatever capacity I could. I offer insight into things that I feel will add value to others or the organizations I am involved with.

My life, however, was very physical. Outside of the Real Estate, I hosted fashion events at various small boutiques throughout the city. I once upon a time competed in fitness competitions. To sit down and try to figure out a new life was daunting to say the least. Then you factor in the fact that you aren’t just revamping one thing. Your entire life…let me say that again YOUR ENTIRE LIFE is different. Mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, professionally, spiritually (yes, trust me, this is tested) is all up in the air. You can’t just decide to address one thing when they are all being assholes.

The question becomes how to focus on the top priority that affects all the things underneath.

Let’s talk a bit more about this in the video below, I would love to hear your experiences, how you’re overcoming and how you are earning. Do share!

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