How Exercise Can Help You Overcome Self-Imposed Limitations & Language Barrier

How Exercise Can Help You Overcome Self-Imposed Limitations & Language Barrier

The world is our playground & I intend to have fun!

How many people have you noticed are addicted to patterns? Patterns are conducive to “In-The-Box” thinking environments and can easily paralysis an entire culture. This struggle is consistent across the globe, but there’s a holistic solution to overcoming self-imposed limitations, language barriers, and a lack of inspiration or creativity.

Would you believe me if I kept it stupid simple and said the answer to the barriers you face is exercise? Specifically without a gym or a massive variety of equipment. Confused? Here’s a sample..

How can bodyweight movement outdoors help us overcome limitations, language barriers and produce more creative inspiration in our lives? Let’s make this short, sweet and break it down.

1] Overcome Self-Imposed Limitations


Have you ever began your health journey, but the waters seem rigid and difficult to navigate? Usually it’s easy to quit early-on but you always pick it back up, because let’s face it life is relatively miserable when we aren’t confident about our appearance and struggle with body aches or pain. Our mental space is often foggy and life seems to always be on full-throttle as if we were injected with insane amounts of caffeine, wait..

My point is, eventually when we get our act together with consistency in or out of the gym with a trainer or coach there’s a certain resiliency built over time. Movements that were once difficult seem effortless and smooth once our muscle memory reminds us that this feels familiar. Now the magic and true challenge begins after the initial committed decision to maintain a healthy regimen or routine. When you push for one extra rep it transforms into working until exhaustion V.S. the classic ‘10-12’ repetitions until the next set.

Do you realize how your exceeding efforts during exercise bleed into your career, relations, finances or even emotional resiliency? Once you begin conditioning your body beyond the expectation, it also trains your mind while fortifying your unique strengths and weaknesses.


2] Language Barrier

My job is to help travelers exercise without equipment. Considering I currently reside in Chiang Mai most wanders speak many languages not native to my own. The beauty? We are all humans and abide by the same physical laws. We eat, poop, sleep and for this purpose SWEAT! Conditioning the body, mind and even our spirit is a universal language with many ways to communicate. It doesn’t matter if you struggle verbally to translate a message when you visually see how I may lead a workout or yoga session. When a group is training together, everyone one is huffing and puffing simultaneously joined together on an energetic frequency, accomplishing similar goals.

A smile can literally excite dopamine, endorphins and serotonin directly into your bloodstream relaxing the awkwardness of not understanding fully. It also lowers our heart rates which enable us to participate confidently. If a student of mine shows pain during a lunge, adjustments can be made swiftly to produce comfort and real results. Even gratitude can be reciprocated and felt from 10 feet [3.04 meters] away due to our electromagnetic energy from heart to heart.


3] Creative Inspiration

For four [4] years running I have not enrolled at a gym from the Northeast Coast of the U.S. to the west coast of San Diego. This stretch has continued 8,500 miles [137,000 km] across the globe in Thailand and it’ll never change. The world is our playground and I intend to have fun. The human body is a miraculous and adaptive mechanism without real limits. Sadly the majority of the world functions under consistent patterns which is partly responsible for generational devolution.

Likely Scenario Nomads Escaped

Working a 9-5 job and taking mundane work breaks, as you stare outside the window missing the few beautiful days you’ll have is unacceptable! Maybe it’s worst if you’re in a cubicle draining your life force without daylight at the end of the tunnel slaving for you next promotion only to realize this isn’t what you envisioned. Eventually, you may register you’re maintaining a not so vibrant diet, while you wait in the overcrowded grocery store and later exacerbate the misery with netflix until you sleep and repeat the process. Many are stressed, because they feel trapped in a cycle that doesn’t feed their soul. News flash, we should never let someone else’s EXPECTATION, become our reality. Secondly, you are going to die, just remember that you do not know when. Let this be enough inspiration to exhilarate creativity and break the patterns of feeling ashamed for living your fullest expression.

There’s a way out! The beauty about bodyweight exercises outside of the gym or fitness facility is the creative process. Using our body to adapt to the immediate environment requires thought - outside “of-the-box,” making exercise fun and auspicious. Let’s consider this. When is the last time you needed to think about how many exercises can be done using the quadricep extension machine? The options are very limited, moreover it’s relatively mindless as we subconsciously follow yet another expected pattern designed for simplicity. This keeps our highest level of consciousness dormant. Much like having our boss give us a task without having to make our own decisions other than how long will we procrastinate to complete what was asked of us. Unlike, a bodyweight squat to a lateral leg raise, a complex movement that excites multiple planes of transition. Our body starves for such innate movement patterns that promote more of a flow and ironically our brains connect with this creative nature to inspire new avenues in our work-life balance.

The world is our playground & if you intend to have fun try this workout!

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