Cost of Living in Da Nang, Vietnam

Cost of Living in Da Nang, Vietnam


While we absolutely love Chiang Mai, Thailand, we left for burning season and decided to come to Da Nang, Vietnam. How did we choose Da Nang? It has a beach.  After living in Playa del Carmen, Mexico I missed going to the beach everyday.


Housing is usually the largest expense. Da Nang is an up and coming city so many of the apartment buildings here are brand new. We have been the first tenants in two different buildings here. Depending on what you are looking for, you can find something for as low as $250 and go up to about $1000. We spend an average of $23 dollars a month for electricity. The average prices are below.

Studios - $250 - $400/ per month. Prices are based on location, size and amenities. Check out the photos below to see what you can get for $330-$400 ( price varies on lease term) This includes fast wi-fi and water, and is only a 5 minute walk to the beach. It’s close to cafes, restaurants and an awesome local market with fresh fruits and veggies.

I spend a little more than the average expat as I’m health conscious and avoid most street food. I eat very well for about $7-10 dollars a day. This doesn’t mean that I spend $7-10 dollars each day, some days I may only want to eat  fruit  or leftovers from the day before.

I also cook at home most days so on average I spend about $150 a month on food.

If you eat street food you can easily ball out on $5 a day. Here are some prices of random meals in Da Nang. I’ve included both street food and the “pricer” restaurants for tourist.

Smoothie Bowls

$4.00- $5.00

Fried Rice

$1.72 -$2.59

Mi Quang

.64 cents

Bahh Mi

.64 cents - $2.16  - A street Bahn Mi is the cheapest, if you order one at a restaurant they can be as high as $2.16.

Western Food

Western food is a little more expensive than local food.  You can find  burgers and fries for about $3.00 for veggie burgers to about $4.00 for beef burgers with fries.

Dining Out

Fancy dinners are cheap too, we spend about $25-40 total while dining out. That includes apps, two meals, alcoholic beverages.


Da Nang is a very walkable town. They also have Grab Bike  unlike Chiang Mai, Thailand. Grab Bike is 50% cheaper than Grab car. From the beachside to the city side is about $1 on the bike and $2 on the bike.

You can also rent a bike for about $40 a month.


You definitely need to cover your ass! We pay $37 per person per month with Safety Wing. You can sign up here.

Phone Service

Our cellphone service comes to about $8-15 dollars a month.


Movies $5 USD p/p

Air Hockey $4 p/p

Sightseeing $50 p/p  

Visa Runs $130-$300 p/p/ this depends on whether it’s a land crossing or air crossing. Visa runs are very 90 days.

Overall we live very comfortable for about

$1500-$2000 as a couple. 

Did I miss something? If so, comment below & I'll be sure to add it. 

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