9 of the Best Websites for Finding Digital Nomad Jobs

9 of the Best Websites for Finding Digital Nomad Jobs


If you’re anything like me, you can’t figure out why you’re sitting at a desk in an office doing the same thing that you could be doing on a beach in Bermuda. Well, lucky for you times are changing. The internet has broken so many new barriers in the past 5 years, and the floodgates have unleashed a whole new set of opportunities. Jobs you can do online. Your dreams have come true and now it’s easy to work from home in your PJs or travel the world with the ability to join new movements like Nomadness and TravelNoire.

The term digital nomad is just a cool way of classifying the new way of achieving location independence while maintaining a successful career.

Whoever invented the term made it sound cool because it is. I’m currently working from my home in Jacksonville, FL, but in 2 days I’ll be heading to Bermuda for 2 weeks (my other home), and then DC the week after.

But I didn’t become a Digital Nomad overnight. It took a ton of research, receiving spam emails, and way too many applications to get me started. Again, lucky for you, I’m sharing the cliff notes.

Here are 9 of the best websites (my personal favorites) for finding digital nomad jobs:

Cold Emailing Your Favorite Businesses

This is how it all started for me. I reached out to one of my favorite restaurants after noticing that they were struggling with social media. I emailed them, met and gave my pitch and the rest is history. I suggest that you start following people/businesses you want to work with on social media, engage with them, and get to know them. Build a relationship with them now, and test the waters by emailing them a pitch about working with them.


Indeed is probably the biggest job website in the world. It has over 700,000 jobs posted every week. Now while it is targeting traditional positions, if you click into their “Advanced Job Search” you can use terms like “remote” or “work from home” to see everything that would suit a digital nomad.


Freelancing on Upwork has it’s ups and downs but it’s a great site to use if you’re just getting started. It’s free to sign up as a freelancer and new jobs are updated every second. Although it’s one of the biggest freelancing sites right now and a ton of competition, there’s a ton of jobs, so eventually both you and the job poster will match perfectly. You can create a search and save it to create a custom feed of jobs in your interest.

Twitter Search

Twitter has to be one of the most undervalued source for job searching. Some of my favorite hashtags to search for are #remotejob #digitaljob #remoteok or any other hashtag within my industry of choice (#marketing #social media etc). But, the beauty of Twitter, and what many people forget, is that searching for hashtags and searching for ‘terms’ is two different things and brings up two different types of search results. So use the above (or any hashtags that you choose) and search for them without the # symbol as well.

Remote OK

This is a great place to search for digital nomad jobs. It’s like any other Remote Job board, but also lets you sort by highest-paying remote jobs if that’s your main priority.

We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely features a list of mostly programming jobs, but it does have a few marketing and copywriting jobs too.

Facebook Search & Facebook Groups

Join Facebook groups that have your ideal client (someone who has a problem you can solve) and regularly post, comment, and engage in the discussions held there. When it comes time for them to hire, they will likely want to work with you if you’ve demonstrated you know your stuff. I’m currently a member of the following groups:

Digital Nomads Girls Community

Digital Nomad Entrepreneurs

Black Travel Bloggers Chronicles

Angel List

AngelList started in 2010 as an online ‘introductions’ board for tech startups that needed funding, but after they added a job search function it quickly became one of the most popular ways to find a startup job.

It’s free to register, and you’ll get access to their entire database of available positions. Then just toggle the “Job Type” to “Remote OK” and you’ll see all the jobs you can apply for. I love that you can immediately see the salary/equity being offered and that most times the Founders will reach out to you directly.


Jobspresso is the easiest way to find remote jobs, careers and other remote work opportunities at interesting and innovative companies. Each posting is carefully reviewed to ensure only the highest quality postings get listed, and despite all of this it remains completely free for job seekers to use.

The fastest way to stay current on the latest jobs is to follow their Twitter account. In their job search results, filters make it easy to view the open positions in your field of expertise.

The Most Important Site

Ultimately if you’re thinking about making the switch to become a nomad, you’ll have to start building your personal brand, and the best way to do this is to build a clean online portfolio. I recommend using a site similar to format.com or squarespace.com. These sites have pre-made designs that you can customize according to your services and creative ideas. Remember, being a digital nomad isn’t about having a really great instagram feed or a cool blog – those are just perks. You’ll want to build a profitable business to make a living with hopes that it also funds your hobbies.

Be sure to do a ton of research, as there are pros and cons to working for yourself as there would be for working for someone else.




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