The Wander.Work.Thrive Summit

The Wander.Work.Thrive Summit

Wish you could travel more? Do meaningful work from anywhere in the world? Have more flexibility and freedom?

That’s exactly why my friend and colleague, Business Coach and Freedom Lifestyle Strategist, Kristyn Caetano created a very special virtual conference that I’m excited to share with you, the Wander Work Thrive Summit! Kristyn has brought together 30+ of her favorite industry experts to teach you how to travel more affordably, build a profitable freedom business, and create a life that you love.

It’s happening September 24th-28th, and it’s completely FREE!!!

Plus, you can watch it from the comfort of your own home, since it’s all online.

==>CLICK HERE claim your complimentary ticket!

We're going to be talking all about how to:

  • Fly for free using airline reward points

  • Make consistent income in your service-based biz

  • Create profitable retreats anywhere in the world

  • Live for free anywhere in the world through house-sitting

  • Get known & build your audience with social media

…...and much, MUCH more!

Plus, the summit will include such well-known experts as Marianne Cantwell, author of  Be A Free Range Human; Natalie Sisson, author of The Suitcase Entrepreneur; Jenny Shih, expert online business coach; Darla LeDoux, author of Retreat and Grow Rich, plus many more.

The number one regret of the dying is that they wish they’d had the courage to live a life true to themselves.

How much longer will you wait to act on your unfulfilled dreams?

Come join us, and learn how to SET YOURSELF FREE.


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Meet Fellow Expat : Izzy owner of Kaji Headwraps

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