About Black Digital Nomad

Meet Jazzie

In July 2017 my husband came home and said enough was enough. He was tired of the same ol’ same ol! Getting up at 4 am to sit in traffic for 2 hours, work for 10 then sit in more traffic and get up and do it all over again. All for someone else’s dream. And America no longer felt like a dream but rather a nightmare. Racism was alive and well and it just longer felt safe for people of color. My husband got pulled over one morning on his way to work for a routine traffic stop, he called me before the cop got to the car and I was literally terrified. I thought to myself, is this really how I want to live? It’s 2017 & the police are to protect and serve, yet I was worried about my husband suddenly becoming a hashtag.

After seeing others working remotely we decided to step out on faith!
We sold all our belongings to become Black Digital Nomads and decided to focus on our own dreams rather than creating someone else’s.

My husband is a traditional & graphic artist and I’m a certified holistic health and wellness consultant and social media manager so really we can world anywhere in the world ( with an internet connection, of course.)

Since starting our journey we lived in Playa del Carmen, MX for 8 months and we are currently living in Bali, Indonesia.

I realized that the only thing ever holding me back was my thoughts, as I like to call them My Inner Hater Bish. Since killing doubt, I have really been able to manifest everything that I want and more. Now, it’s not always easy. But it’s certainly been worth it.

As a holistic health coach, I want to empower others to live their best life, because being stuck in a job you hate is not healthy.